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About Us

Hi I'm Gina, the face behind Gina Kim Jewellery!
How I started
After attending an evening class about 7 years ago, I began my addiction to making beautiful silver jewellery and haven't looked back since.
I take a lot of inspiration from nature and am in awe of its intricate designs. As I make an extensive range of bee themed jewellery, I am often known as the Bee Lady by my peers which always makes me smile. This has spread to developing an ever growing range of bunny jewellery, mainly due to my love of our two gorgeous bunnies, Bella and Georgie.
Each time I learn a new skill, and trust me it is a life long learning curve, my passion for creating a piece that makes the recipient happy grows.  Some of my favourite tools are my precious Foredom power tool, Rolling Mill and a range of metal forming devices.
My ultimate goal continues to be wanting to make the wearer feel special, and to provide you with gifts that will have sentimental value to the ones you love.
My customers are what keeps me loving what I do - I hope you will want to keep coming back to join me on this journey! x
Beautiful photo by Laurie Harper
Bee collecting pollen