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Hallmarking notice

Hallmarking is required by English Law (Hallmarking Act 1973) to guarantee the fineness of precious metals above specific weight thresholds.  Most of the jewellery I create is sterling silver.  Any pieces with a total metal weight of over 7.78g will be Hallmarked by The London Assay Office - and the product listing will notify you of this. The majority of my pieces are below this weight and do not require a hallmark, however, i am still require to display the Dealer's Notice..

The hallmark consists of three compulsary marks:

The Sponsor's mark - this is often the maker's initials surrounded by a shape.

The Fineness Mark - for sterling silver this is '925'

The Assay Office mark - for London this is a Lion's head.

Optional marks can also be added for:

Traditional Fineness symbols.

Date letter.

Common Control mark (CCM)